FSG has a repatriation service that facilitates regional and overseas repatriation of the deceased.


In preparation for repatriation, the following are requirements for transfer of deceased from Botswana:


  1. Death certificate from doctor/hospital with name of deceased and date of death;

  2. Original passport of deceased;

  3. Three certified copies of passport of deceased;

  4. Non-infectious letter from the doctor/hospital. It means that the doctor will certify that the deceased did not have any infections and the body is safe for transportation across the border;

  5. Embalming certificate: to be provided by FSG who will do the embalming;

  6. Letter from High Commission confirming the name of the deceased and that the body is being transported elsewhere for funeral rights;

  7. Conveyance letter from Ministry of Health of Botswana confirming authorisation of transportation of the deceased;

  8. Letter from deceased family authorising FSG to transport the body from Botswana to elsewhere;

  9. Permit from South Africa should the deceased transit through South Africa.

  10. Any other documentation that may be required from time to time.